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Hain Celestial Group, Inc.

Protect Our Wildlife

Why Boycott?

We are boycotting all Hain Celestial products in order to put pressure on the company to keep the promise they made to the community in 1999 to keep this a prairie dog preserve. 

This wildlife preserve is important:


  • Prairie dogs are a keystone species, supporting as many as 150 other species. They are a foundation of a healthy wildlife ecosystem. 

  • This wildlife habitat is one of a very few left in the city of Boulder, a city that has laws providing special protection to prairie dogs.

  • This site is at a pinch point in a north-south wildlife corridor, and therefore deserves special consideration.

  • This site is essentially the front yard of the Celestial Seasonings tea factory and headquarters, one of Boulder's most popular tourist destinations. This prairie dog preserve has been appreciated by visitors to Boulder from around the globe. It is a unique resource for the city of Boulder and deserves protection!


Many of Hain Celestial brands claim to be cruelty free, however killing prairie dogs or relocating them from their home does not seem to fit with that. Please BOYCOTT HAIN CELESTIAL PRODUCTS, and help us convince Hain Celestial to change their minds on this development.


Prairie dog and nursing pup,

Celestial Seasonings Prairie Park, Boulder Colorado